Kynto Drag & Drop Catalog Update and Cleaning

Introducing an upcoming major update for Kynto! We are thrilled to announce the imminent arrival of a highly anticipated feature: the seamless integration of drag-and-drop functionality from the catalog directly into the game space. This transformative addition is currently undergoing meticulous development and promises to revolutionize the way users engage, create, and shape their virtual experiences within Kynto. Utilizing the innovative catalog user interface system, this groundbreaking feature will empower users with unprecedented convenience and flexibility in constructing their digital realms. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance your Kynto experience!

The Kynto team is actively engaged in the task of tidying and streamlining the assortment of assets available for users within the game. Our dedicated staff is diligently organizing these items to enhance user experience. To begin, we will consolidate all assets into a centralized “parent” category, serving as a comprehensive hub for all in-game items. Subsequently, our team will meticulously sort each item into appropriate child categories, accompanied by relevant tags. This meticulous process aims to create an effortlessly navigable store for our users while eliminating any duplications. Additionally, a thorough clean-up of existing assets and items is also underway, ensuring optimal quality throughout the game.

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