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Endless worlds. Endless Possibilities. Kynto is a real time messenger, avatar chat, and user generated world. [Messenger][Popup]

Every day, Highrise citizens create rooms, style avatars, host experiences, and much more. Items and the item economy are core to Highrise’s massive engaged community, and we’re excited to bring true digital ownership to the next 100 million people. Welcome to a world of dreams called Kynto. Design of its inhabitants. The occupants of which spend so much time constructing their vast imaginations humming away, charged with creative energy. It forming an ethereal dreamscape of adventure and possibilities. An abstract plane of beautiful wonderment, just waiting to be explored… Kynto is a real time messenger, avatar chat, and user generated world. Fiilled with explosive worlds! Community driven and built to last. Play WEB

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Your choice of power. The same amazing games and entertainment.

Literally Endless Worlds

You are not limited to how big you can create. Every world in Kynto can be as large or as small as you would like it to be. Worlds, dreamed up by the inhabitants and expressed thru kynto. Dream Big.

Incredible Controls

With multiple ways to control Kynto. You re not just simply limited. Touch, tap, swipe to interact with Kynto. Plug in or connect a mouse, keyboard, or controller for multiple ways to play.

Kynto Hits

Catch up with old friends at an affordable price. Meet up with hundreds of really cool people in hundreds of user generated worlds. Just hop right into any chat.


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Hack Your Way to the Top

In Kynto you can code your own behaviors, actions, and even build games within kynto in under 20 lines of javascript. Great tool for beginners looking for a fun way to get the most out of their experiences.

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Kynto is free to play. Kynto plus helps the developers to expand what is possible within Kynto.

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