2022 Kynto Halloween Spooktacular

2022 Kynto Halloween Spooktacular

Things are getting spooky in the world of Kynto. Enter the macabre mind of Mr K. in our haunted world as he stalks you through the surreal nightmare. Join us for the Kynto Holloween Spooktacular, taking place all throughout the month of October! Ghouls and ghosts roaming around. Watch your back, as you never know what is around every turn. Zombies roaming all over Holloweentown.

Free Limited Edition Pumpkin Mask

Get the VIP treatment throughout the month of October. Collect your free pumpkin head in the scream filled scared zone and choose between the Orange, Black, and White Pumpkin Mask. Rotten to the core, this pumpkin mask will make the zombies rise from the grave.

Prizes, Games, and Competitions

Come face to face with horror legends. Step into terrifying moments and trick or treating this Halloween. Visit new lands and collect as much candy as you can. Collects the most amount of Candy will win prizes. Get scared in our haunted world

Games start October 31st 2022

7:00pm est. – 11:00 pm est.

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