To delete your account on Kynto Avatar Chat created by RobinABC LLC please login to the app. Then tap menu -> settings and scroll down to the bottom.

You will have 3 options 2 of which allow you to remove your account, or request your user data as a zip file. Please note this is a manual process and could take up to 30 days and will receive updates via email. Please email or click menu -> support in game to notify an administrator.

Please note for security purposes your email will be tokenized in order to prevent you from signing up again in the future in an attempt to avert moderation actions such as muting, freezing, and or bans.

  • Types of data we will delete or provide in your request include the following:
  • Your private “rooms”, “tiles”, and “items”.
  • Personally identifiable user profile information (logins, emails, etc)
  • Push notification ids, device ids if applicable

We are unable to delete non identifiably information such as moderation actions, and room visits due to the nature of the platform.