Snappos Devlog

Hi! – I want to show you something I have been working on.

  1. Ability to add “tags” to items.
  2. Peer to peer audio, video, and screen share streaming
  3. OBS integration – Kynto now seamlessly can manage and populate an OBS stream to YouTube from a mobile phone without a USB cord at brilliant quality with low latency due to leveraging WEBRTC.
  4. Friend list system – now suggests friends to you in order to show you the unique members that have found Kynto so far.
  5. Push notifications – receive notifications about room entries, friend requests, and even direct messages via your phone.
  6. Delete your account.

Bug Fixes

Rooms created by users were being assigned to my account and not theirs. This was happening as the base room template is modeled by myself, and each room “inherits it” in order to draw the tiles and items for the walls.

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